Instapak® TempGuard™ Cold Chain Packaging Can Save Cold, Hard Cash


Instapak® TempGuard™ Cold Chain Packaging is a high performance solution uniquely suited to keep temperature-sensitive products safe during shipment. Because Instapak® polyurethane foam is proven to insulate better than expanded polystyrene (EPS), products can be kept colder for longer, allowing companies to choose more cost-effective options than overnight priority shipping.In testing, Instapak® TempGuard™ packages consistently outperform traditional EPS packages, allowing companies to switch away from expensive next-day shipping to much more economical two- or three-day service. Superior insulation performance can also mean using fewer gel packs or less dry ice, further reducing material and freight costs. Companies should not be forced to pick from a list of standard coolers. Instapak® TempGuard™ Cold Chain coolers can be custom-designed by Sealed Air packaging engineers to accommodate the exact size and shape of the product using inexpensive wood or plastic molds and the correct density of Instapak® polyurethane foam. Coolers can be designed with cavities customized to fit the right amount of gel refrigerant or dry ice. In addition, Instapak® TempGuard™ Cold Chain coolers are exceptionally durable. Since the foam is not fused to an inside or outside corrugated shipping container, the cooler is reusable. After designing the cooler, packaging engineers at Sealed Air’s Packaging Design & Development Centers can perform side-by-side shipping performance or environmental chamber testing to compare a customer’s current package to the new Instapak® TempGuard™ Cold Chain solution. Using Sealed Air’s TurboTag® RFID monitoring devices, the engineers measure time and temperature inside and outside of the cooler throughout the testing process.

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