Instapak Tractor Mold System


Producing up to 30 linear feet of molded foam cushions per minute, Sealed Air’s new Instapak Tractor Mold system offers a volume of cushions not possible with any other foam-in-bag molding system on the market. The newest InstapakAutomated Molding System produces cushions that are ideal for major appliances, furniture and building products such as windows, doors and cabinets. The system’s proven reliability and unmatched speed allow it to keep pace with the demands of high-volume operations, while offering increased productivity and decreased damage rates over alternative protective packaging systems and materials. The Instapak Tractor Moldsystem continuously creates L, V and U channel cushions as well as low-profile shapes and can be used with any of the 14 unique Instapak foam formulations.

“With many companies striving to reduce inventories, just-in-time production of packaging materials from a system like this can benefit large operations,” said Tim McInerney, Sealed Air’s product manager for Instapak foam packaging. “By reducing inventory and material handling labor costs, the Instapak Tractor Mold® system can lower operating expenses for our customers while dramatically improving productivity.” Instapak foam is created when two components are mixed together and react to create high-quality polyurethane foam packaging. The Instapak Tractor Mold system produces a large volume of custom Instapak cushions by feeding foam and film into a continuous mold tunnel where the foam rises and takes the shape of the finished cushion. As the cushions exit the system, they can be separated with a cutting mechanism and integrated into the packaging line or batched for later use. 


  • creates L, V and U channel cushions
  • foam rises and takes the shape of the finished cushion

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