Integrated Drive for OEM Pumps


Watson-Marlow Pumps Group introduces DriveSure™, a new panel-mount OEM brushless DC gear motor with fully integrated speed controller. The highly adaptable drive is an ideal solution for biopharmaceutical, medical device, and process analysis equipment. With DriveSure, OEM engineers can bring products to market faster and with less engineering cost by eliminating the time, design uncertainty, and risks associated with the separate specification of pump motor, gearbox, and drive. DriveSure features a 51:1 control ratio and a 408-8rpm speed range. 

The highly adaptable drive is offered in 24V and 48V DC options, and directly accepts market-standard analogue control signals. DriveSure features a range of panel-mount brushless DC motor gearboxes and controllers as a package, ideal for OEMs wishing to panel-mount Watson-Marlow’s proven pumpheads, including the 102R, 114, 313D, 501RL and 520R series, for a flow range from 0.1 to 6100 ml/min. 

The compact, lightweight and well-balanced design provides a ‘plug-in and forget’ solution. The use of Watson-Marlow’s own gearbox provides the customer with excellent torque and silent running, making it ideal for the life science and biopharmaceutical sectors, including dental, endoscopy, and in-vitro diagnostics. The comprehensive control and flow rate capability also meets the requirements of bioreactors, bench-top cross-flow filtration and chromatography equipment.


  • fully integrated speed controller
  • 51:1 control ratio
  • 408-8rpm speed range
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