Integrated Servos


Animatics Corporation, pioneer of Integrated Servo Technology has taken their best selling Integrated Servos, the SM2315D and SM2315DT and added power and functionality, while lowering the cost.  The new products are called the SM2316D-PLS2 and the SM2316DT-PLS2.  As before, these small servomotors are actually complete servo systems with built-in controller, amplifier and encoder, and are so programmable they often control entire machines.  The "-PLS2" versions have undergone many enhancements.  
Higher  encoder resolution (4000cpr) offers smoother velocity and tighter position  control.  
Enhanced Trajectory Overshoot  Braking Functions stop larger loads - fast.  
New  High-Speed Position Capture Input enables < 5 microsecond registration.   
Interrupt Subroutines enhance  Error Handling and Input triggered events.  
Programmable Software Over-Travel  Limits eliminate cabling.  
Choice  of Absolute and Relative CAM Mode with CAM  Dwell.  
Added  RS-485 port for easy communication with external devices.   
More   sophisticated drive-stage protection scheme resulting in higher torque   available to the user, making the SM2316DT-PLS2 deliver more than 200   Watts of continuous shaft power, far more than any integrated servo of   comparable size.
Further enhancements increase performance in coordinated-motion CNC  applications utilizing JenCNC and SMNC host level CNC control programs  for Plasma, Laser, and Water Jet cutting as well as CNC Routing and  Milling.


• Weight- 0.59 kg • Shaft Diameter- 0.250 in 6.35 mm • Shaft, Radial Load- 7 lb 3.18 kg • Shaft, Axial Thrust Load- 3 lb 1.36 kg • EtherNet Available Yes • DeviceNet Available • ProfBus Available Yes • CanOpen Available Yes
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