Integrex 200-IV ST Delivers Complex Workpieces in a Single Setup


For streamlined production of complex parts on a single machine in a single setup, multi-tasking equals lean production on Mazak’s Integrex 200-IV ST. From bar-fed turning to full 5-axis machining, the Integrex performs turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and other operations on multiple axes in the same setup. Equipped with dual opposed 5,000-rpm spindles for turning and C-axis control and a 25-Hp, 12,000 rpm milling spindle , the Integrex 200IV-ST can machine parts complete by exchanging them between spindles for front-and-back processing. You can also machine on each spindle simultaneously and turn with the upper and lower turning tools concurrently. For full 5-axis machining, the ST model can accommodate a 40-tool upper turret and a 9-tool secondary lower turret for fixed tooling. This permits simultaneous machining on a single part or on two chucked parts. Also addressing simultaneous five-axis machining on the Integrex 200-IV ST is the new Mazatrol Matrix CNC. Software and hardware advances in the Mazatrol Matrix include powerful internal computing speed to support 16 million pulse encoders on each linear axis for sub-micron resolution and new servo control technology that minimizes vibration. Powering these advances is a new 64-bit twin-engine CPU that produces federates for machining complex surfaces two times faster than the previous CNC control. New software capabilities make the Mazatrol Matrix easier and safer to program and operate. A unique Voice Advisor verbally informs operators of machine alarms and switch settings in manual operation. Enhanced visual 3D simulations aid the operator in identifying and correcting any interference conditions and running part program simulations while the machine is operating.


• 200-IV ST • Chuck Size • 8" • Max. Swing • 12.99” (over lower turret w/o BB holder) • Main Spindle • 5,000 rpm - 30 hp (30 min.) • Rotary Tool Spindle • 12,000 rpm - 25 hp(20% ED) • Bed Length • 40"
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