Interactive Product Selector for Molding, Casting Components


This online product selector enables users to configure and generate 2D and 3D CAD files during their design process for specialized cataloged components used within injection molding, blow molding and die casting systems. Their products include specialty and standard cataloged ejector blades, round tapered interlocks, mold core’s, pins and sleeves.  This addition will greatly decrease the time required for engineers to specify component into their larger design.

With the new interactive product selector, users configure and download the exact part they need, in real-time. This streamlines the design and ordering process as the designer, engineer, mold maker, etc are assured to have the correct dimensions and product number. The customer can now insert Choice Mold’s standard cataloged component directly into their model without drawing it themselves, eliminating errors in: design, dimensioning, pricing, and part numbers, ultimately saving time and money.


  • 2D or 3D
  • Choose from: Ejector blades, Round Tapered Interlocks, Mold Cores, Pins and Sleeves
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