Interconnect Solutions


The new Rugged Guide highlights how Samtec is uniquely qualified to provide solutions for high cycle, high power, rugged and harsh environment applications. Samtec’s rugged products feature contact systems optimized for superior performance and high reliability, and are available in a variety of pitches, stack heights and body designs. Complete cable assemblies or components are also available for increased design flexibility. Rugged features and options include locking and latching systems, alignment pins, weld tabs, screw downs, shrouding and polarization. Ideal applications include industrial automation, security and surveillance, embedded computers, heavy transportation and construction equipment, solar and LED, as well as medical, agriculture, military/aerospace/avionics, automotive and geophysical industries. 

Samtec’s extensive line of rugged solutions and includes discrete wire cable assemblies, components and tooling, PowerStrip™ high power board-to-board interconnects and cable assemblies, and upcoming EXTreme Ten60Power™ interconnects dual sourced with Molex, and AccliMate™ IP68 sealed circular and rectangular cable assemblies and components

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