Intrinsically Safe LED Handheld Lights


Intrinsically Safe LED handheld lights have been improved and now have twice the light output. The LED handhelds, models MS2DLED1 and MS2AALED1, are approved by global safety agencies as intrinsically safe lights that are ideal for work in harsh conditions. Both models meet IEC waterproof standards, up to one meter and are impact resistant, measured by a two-meter drop test. Oil- and grease-resistant bodies on both lights make them ideal for use in industrial environments. Built-in carabiner belt clips make them easily accessible, and the internationally approved orange safety color provides instant recognition. The MS2DLED1 has a continuous run time of 65 hours on two D alkaline batteries and its 65-lumen output can shed light on any maintenance project. The MS2AALED1 runs continuously for 12 hours on two AA alkaline batteries with a 40-lumen output.  

“Energizer has been a leader in flashlight innovations for 110 years,” said Karen Lynch, global director of lighting products for Energizer. “The increased lumens and long run times in these flashlights, along with excellent durability and safety, make them ideal solutions for industrial lighting needs.” Energizer Intrinsically Safe handheld lights are ideal for a variety of industrial applications including, inspecting plant equipment, trouble-shooting HVAC and plumbing systems as well as maintenance and repair. Energizer Intrinsically Safe lights are built from the ground up to eliminate risk of explosion in hazardous environments. Rugged and durable, these lights have features needed by today’s professionals. The products feature extra-large switches for use with gloved hands and hanging capability through both lanyards and carabiner hooks. State-of-the-art headlight provides users extended runtimes and multiple light options, including color LEDs for specialized tasks.


  • twice the light output
  • oil- and grease-resistant bodies
  • 65-lumen output

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