Introduces Low-Cost Time and Attendance System For Small Business


Lathem Time Corp. introduced today PayClock® Express, an affordable, easy-to-use automated time and attendance system for small businesses. The system is priced at $399; price points for competitive models in this category begin at $500.

PayClock Express features a modern, high-tech style electronic time clock (PC50) and accompanying Windows®-based software, which runs on the user's Windows XP or Vista PC. Employees clock in and out with proximity badges that employ a special chip that communicates with the clock using radio frequencies. These badges replace the time-consuming paper punch time cards used with conventional mechanical clocks. The electronic time clock stores employee ins/outs, which are recorded instantly in the PayClock Express software. The clock is connected to a user’s PC using a standard USB port. No additional connections or wires are required.

“This new product allows small businesses to automate the one part of their payroll process that is still calculated by hand,” said Philip Seagraves, director of Business Development, Lathem Time Corp. "Previously, an owner or manager had to process time and attendance manually or invest in a highly complicated and expensive system. PayClock Express’s new features, easy-to-use design and inexpensive price tag make automating this process a very attractive solution to any type of small business.”

PayClock Express reduces errors by keeping an accurate record of employee attendance, which is then compiled and automatically calculated into finished payroll, factoring in wages, attendance, vacation and sick time, lunch and break deductions. In most cases, payroll preparation time is reduced by at least 50 percent.

Brandey Albrecht, business director of the Ronald McDonald House in Corpus Christi, Texas, used to use a mechanical time clock and paper time cards to calculate the facility’s 15 employees’ time and attendance. “It would take two hours to enter everyone’s time; now it only takes 15 minutes,” Albrecht said. “Also, we like that the new system integrates with our accounting software, QuickBooks®.”

Albrecht said the new system has been well-received by employees. “PayClock Express is so simple to use and the employees love the way it says ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye’ when they clock in and out with their badges,” she said. “We also work to keep overtime hours under control, and they like that when they clock out, PayClock Express shows the total worked hours that day. Before, they had to tally that up by hand.”

One of the most popular features of PayClock Express is the direct interface to ADP®, Paychex® and QuickBooks. The interfaces allow data such as employee hours to be imported from the PayClock system directly into a company’s preferred payroll software, eliminating manual data entry errors while saving time and money. The new interface provides businesses the opportunity to implement true "punch-to-paycheck" systems.

The new PC50 terminal has a sleek look with a glowing blue display and color-coded indicator for good and bad punches. Using the latest RFID technology, the system's badges need only be placed near the front of the terminal to clock in. Without a magnetic stripe to wear out, these new badges offer significantly longer life, saving small businesses the costs of replacing worn-out badges. When employees punch in on the new PC50 terminal, they are welcomed by a voice that the administrator can choose to say “hello” and/or “goodbye.” Audio messages are also provided in Spanish recognizing growing diversity in the U.S. workforce.
“The onboard USB ports included with the PC50 allows customers the ability to add a full range of accessories to their system, including the new finger sensor (TS-WFS), allowing employees to punch in by simply placing their finger on the sensor,” Seagraves said. “This ensures people clock themselves in and eliminates buddy punching”.
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