Introduces New, Fuel Vapor Barrier Technology and Hose Product


HBD/Thermoid, Inc. introduced the new VAPOR-LOC™ Tank Truck Hose to attendees at two recent national industrial trade shows: the NACS/PEI Show 2006 (National Association of Convenience Stores/Petroleum Equipment Institute) in Las Vegas, NV and PRO-MAT Show in Chicago, IL. This unique new product is the first bulk fuel transfer hose to use VAPOR-LOC …an exclusive (patent pending) and highly effective hydrocarbon/chemical vapor fuel hose barrier technology.

"Our VAPOR-LOC Hose Barrier System stops fuel loss, protects the environment, keeps the air clean, saves money and more," said Ed Bookwalter, General Sales Manager of HBD/Thermoid, Inc. " We are very excited about this new vapor barrier manufacturing process developed by our technical personnel and its many industrial applications. As our customers become more familiar with VAPOR-LOC, this hose product and what the VAPOR-LOC process can do, we are certain they will too."

Shown below are facts about hydrocarbon fuel lost in the United States:
?190 billion gallons of fuel (gasoline, diesel, etc.) are used yearly in the US*
?About 10-18 grams of fuel per gallon is lost through permeation through fuel hoses**
?Using the 10 gram figure noted above, this means about .33% of this fuel is lost per gallon
?Volume-wise that is 627 million gallons of fuel lost yearly in the US
?Using average gas cost of $3.00 per gallon, the 627 million gallons lost yearly equals $1.88 Billion

"VAPOR-LOC is a multi-layering manufacturing process. It traps and prevents hydrocarbon fuel and chemical vapors from permeating through the hose," said John Flanders, Industrial Hose Marketing Manager for HBD/Thermoid, Inc. "VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose reduces 99% of fuel loss caused by vapor permeation, eliminates smelly fuel odors, protects the environment, and improves the hose’s reinforcement, flexing abilities and service life. In side by side comparison tests for fuel vapor permeation using identical sizes of fuel transfer hose products with gasoline and gasoline/ethanol blends (Fuel Types C & CE-10) in hoses over extended time periods and in varying temperatures, our VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose dramatically out-performed all others." (Vapor permeation testing methodology and test results of vapor permeation rates available upon written requests)

VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose is vacuum rated and available in various sizes (1"- 4" I.D.). This hose comes with smooth or corrugated cover. It offers full working pressures of 150-200 psi based on hose size/style selected. It handles easily, works in a variety of temperatures (- 30º F - +200º F) and accepts most hose couplings.

HBD/Thermoid, Inc. is a subsidiary of HBD Industries, Inc. HBD and its subsidiaries manufacture custom design and standard industrial products serving many diverse industries and markets. Products manufactured by HBD companies include: AC/DC/BLDC electric motors, aerospace precision components, budding strips, cemented tungsten carbide parts, closed die forgings, coated rubber fabrics, conveyor belting, drives, ducting, gear reducers, hose (automotive, aviation, hand-built, industrial, marine and petroleum), material handling products (metal separators/detectors and electromagnetic lifting equipment), power transmission belts, rubber bands, rubber roll coverings and ventilation equipment (fans/blowers). For full details, visit

*SIGMA 2006 STATISTICAL REPORT-Member’s Operations, Sales and Service during 2005; Published by Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America -02/2005.
** THE BIG WASTE -Research Study published by Dr. Mark Deluchi & Associates –University of California( Berkeley, CA); Information reprinted from Crude Awakenings: The Oil Mess in Americas, Jack Doyle /Friends of the Earth, Washington, D.C.-1994.

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