Introduces the Mobile Manipulator (lift assist)


The first-generation Mobile Manipulator is designed for use on hard level surfaces such as a shop, factory floor, or concrete service bays. The operational design goals were for: self propelled, high mobility, ease of operation in tight quarters, ability to pass through a standard doorway, and ability to self level for use on graded surfaces. The manipulator arm is designed with a parallel type linkage to provide a high degree of stability through the entire lifting and reach range.

The manipulator has a pneumatic lift so the operator can literally float the parts up/down as they are moved left or right around the central axis of the manipulator. The main axis of the manipulator rotates 360° continuous around the mobile base. At the end-of-arm the control station rotates 180° to allow the operator greater flexibility and control.

All the moving axes have manually applied brakes for additional control of the system. On board, batteries power all the manipulator functions and are recharged via a simple 110VAC plug.

With this fully integrated Mobile Manipulator System we intend to provide a device that is easy to bring to the work area, easy to set up, easy to operate, and easy return to its storage location. The simplicity and ease of operation will encourage employees to take a few extra moments needed to use the Mobile Manipulator in situations where an employee risks an injury because there was not a traditional form of lift assist available.
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