Introducing Diffuse Reflecting CeraLase™ Ceramics


CoorsTek, one of the world's largest technical ceramics manufacturers, today officially announced introduction of its new CeraLase™ ceramic materials developed specifically for laser reflector/pump chamber applications. Specifically, the CeraLase AHP-99 grade provides greater than 98% reflectance at typical solid-state laser wavelengths (as verified by independent lab, Labsphere).
These ceramic materials also offer superior dielectric strength, thermal stability, strength, and hardness over traditional diffuse reflector materials. CeraLase AHP-99 is ideally suited for pump cavities used in high power, solid-state lasers. In addition to pump cavity chambers, CoorsTek is a leading supplier of ceramic components used in other laser applications including feedthroughs, insulator plates, laser waveguides, and ion laser tubes.
"We've provided ceramic components to laser markets for decades and will continue to enhance our materials portfolio to meet market demands," states CoorsTek Sales Manager, Jim Schienle. "Our development efforts for CeraLase AHP-99 have paid a significant dividend in overall performance and product life."
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