Invisible Inks for Enhanced Security and Improved Packaging Appearance


HSAUSA, a leading supplier of customized industrial marking, coding and product handling solutions for the packaging industry, offers UV Invisible Ink (DNP – 631) and IR Invisible Ink (DNP-IR.) Each ink cartridge contains ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) dyes, which are only visible to the human eye when exposed to a UV or IR light source or by using a laser scanner or camera system. The inks are designed for high-speed packaging applications that use codes to customize printing services or verify and match content without the need for unsightly visible codes. It is also designed for use in packaging applications where high-quality output on porous media is required. Invisible control codes provide 100% verifiable assurance that the package has been sent to the intended recipient while protecting the privacy and security of sensitive customer information. The print cartridge can be easily snapped in and out and the high capacity bulk ink delivery system insures that replacements are infrequent.


• P/N: C6121A • Ink type: Dual wavelength invisible dye-based aqueous ink • Resolution: 600 dpi • Nozzle count: 300 • Print swath: .5 in • Maximum firing frequency: 12 kHz • Avg. drop volume: 24 pl • Avg. delivered ink (ccs): 370 ccs • Numbers of electrical interconnect pads: 52 • Operating conditions: 10 to 40° C, 10 to 80% RH
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