iPad Vibration Analyzer


GTI Predictive Technology, Inc. is proud to unveil VibePro6 - the complete, affordable predictive maintenance solution for iPad. Developed specifically for the iPad, the VibePro product family offers solutions for vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, infrared thermography and shaft laser alignment on a single device. This brand new technology provides the most seamless and easy to use predictive maintenance package in the market. Using the iPad as our product platform allows GTI to offer predictive technology performance for ¼ the cost of comparable systems on the market today. GTI understands the value of a coherent system, where all of the tools can work with each other. The vibration analysis software has been written to communicate directly to the alignment component. Any reports generated from the shaft laser alignment unit can be instantly accessed in VibePro 6. Now when a corrective action is taken the technician can document his findings and also include a full report. IR images, photos, videos and data can be integrated into these reports as well. 

VibePro6 includes features for: 

  • Route data collection
  • On-site vibration analysis
  • Correlation between vibration readings and alignment condition
  • Instant e-mail for reports
  • Machine verification and acceptance reports for motors, pumps, fans, spindles 
  • Transmissibility measurement

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