Isonic® V4 (4-Way) Valves


While only 20mm in width, these 2-position spool valves provide a surprisingly high flow (Cv=0.8).  With its thin, aerodynamic flow passages, Mead's Isonic® maintains a higher flow in a smaller area.  The pilot piston features an innovative oval design to further facilitate a compact, low-profile power valve.

Versatile Mounting

With a hole and a slot molded into its body, Isonic® Valves may be mounted flush to any flat surface.  Mounting brackets are also available for individual surface or DIN rail mounting.    Valve bodies are molded of high-strength, glass-impregnated Ultem thermoplastic.  This enables channels and internal component compartments to be designed directly into these molded body sections.  Assembly is achieved by simply inserting the various valve elements into their corresponding "half-shell" pockets.  Internal components are easily positioned to make optimal use of space.  The valve is completed by ultrasonically welding the two valve segments, creating a strong bond and hermetic seal.  This design totally eliminates the need for fasteners, adhesives, gaskets and inserts.

Loaded with Standard Features

Along with its size and price advantages, Isonic® offers numerous user features, many of them standard.  Most models feature an integral electronic board with surge suppression and LED.  A variety of voltages and wiring options are available.  This combination of price and versatility makes Isonic the perfect control choice for pneumatic systems.

Quick Connection Collets

With its unique design Isonic® eliminates the need for tube fittings.  Built-in, push-to-connect collets allow for fast and easy tube and manifold connections.

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