J1 mini-joystick


Elobau Sensor Technology Inc. introduces its J1 mini-joystick for various industrial applications. This new joystick can be operated by thumb or fingertip actuation and is designed to be incorporated into a larger, manual joystick for secondary tasks or into a control panel with limited space. Typical applications might include vehicle uses such as crane control, remote wireless controls, teach-in functionality on industrial robots or single special use functions on printing presses, packaging equipment, machine tools or other machinery. The J1 joystick from Elobau measures on only 41mm W x 41mm D x 41mm H (~1.62” W x 1.62”D x 1.62” H). Similar to other Elobau joysticks, the J1 features reliable non-contact sensor actuation. A magnet rotates around a Hall Effect sensor, located in a sealed housing with the connector and lead wire. This arrangement provides the high IP67 class protection for the onboard electronics. Furthermore, the mechanical components of the J1 meet the stringent requirements of IP56, since the encapsulation design prevents penetration by solid objects into the mechanical motion components of this Elobau joystick, even those models supplied without bellows. The non-contact technology ensures a longer service life, guaranteed to two million switching operations. The limit position, with its maximum deflection of +/- 15º, is proximity-actuated or latching. Customer-specified angle limits are available on request. The J1 joystick operates in a range from -25ºC to +85ºC (-13ºF to +175ºF).
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