JH Series Miniature Pushbutton Switches


CIT Relay & Switch JH Series is a momentary input switch offered with no LED,
one LED or two LEDs. Cap color options include white, black, red, yellow, green, orange, blue, light gray and
transparent. Along with red, yellow and green LED options, the color combinations offer the design engineering
a multitude of options to fit his need. The sharp tactile actuation gives the JH Series excellent detent.
Specifications: Tested electrical life of the JH Series is 500,000 cycles with electrical rating of 50mA @ 25VDC.
Contact resistance is <10mO initial. The dielectric strength is 1000Vrms minimum with insulation resistance of
>100MO minimum. Actuation force is 150 ± 50gF with travel of 1.5mm ± 0.3mm. Operating temperature of the
JH Series is -40°C to 85°C. Contacts feature gold plating suitable for dry circuit applications.
Materials: Cap and housing is 6/6 nylon with ABS stem. The contacts and terminals are gold over nickel plated
copper alloy.
The JH Series switch applications include computer and computer peripherals, telecommunications, security,
test equipment, instrumentation, and audio.


• Electrical Ratings 50mA @ 24VDC • Electrical Life 500,000 cycles typical (momentary) • 100,000 cycles typical (latching) • Contact Resistance < 10 mΩ initial • Actuation Force 150 +/- 50gF • Actuator Travel 1.5 +/- .3mm • Dielectric Strength 1000Vrms min • Insulation Resistance > 100MΩ min • Operating Temperature - -40°C to 85°C • Storage Temperature - -40°C to 85°C
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