Jiffy Mailer® Products - Sealed Air Corp


Sealed Air manufactures the most complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers in the industry and offers packaging solutions for a wide range of applications. All Jiffy Mailer® Products are produced in World Class Manufacturing facilities to exacting quality standards.

  • Save Time and Labor - two-step packaging operation vs. six steps with cartons
  • Reduce Packaging Material Costs - eliminate the need for dunnage material and tape
  • Save Postage - total shipping weight is reduced
  • Improve Productivity - especially important in periods of peak demand
  • Save Inventory Space - Jiffy Mailer® products store flat and do not need extra void fill or cushioning, minimizing valuable warehouse space
  • Greater Security - self-seal or heat-seal closures produce a more tamper-evident seal
  • Reduced Inventory - one size fits many items
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction - provide superior protection with no waste, no mess or lost items. Premium appearance enhances corporate image with custom printing options
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