InfoSight has come to the Asset ID market place with the JM410. This is targeted for manufacturers who require a high performance tag from a low price printer.

The JM410 reduces the initial cost of a genuine CO2 laser printer to a bare minimum. This allows small quantity users of high durability metal tags the ability to afford a cost effective
solution. The JM410 features a wide marking area of 4" x 4" and a 10-watt high quality laser. The unit is priced at almost half the cost of a competing printer.

JM410 ID Tag Printer prints on Tesa Tape and foil type tapes.

InfoSight has added to the JM410 line of printers the ability to mark the many foil type tapes such as 3M, Bradey, Johnson, and Tesa. The LabeLase® Producer™ software contains the vector shapes required to "kiss cut" such tapes. The foil tape option allows for rolls up to 4" wide to be fed into the back of the marker and manually indexed into the
4" x 4" marking area. This will allow the JM410 to be the lowest priced laser marker in the DOD / UID industry. The LabeLase® Producer™ software also provides the ability to create fully customized ID tags that contain UID, Data Matrix, and GS1 compliant barcodes.
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