K50L Pushbutton


Banner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT™ K50L with an independent push-button to the company’s extensive line of lighting and indicators. The push-button is mapped to a dry contact output and is designed for use with wireless sensor networks, specifically Banner SureCross™ FlexPower battery-operated devices. Operating independently from its attached wireless device, the K50L push-button consumes minimal power for electrical circuits or control, while three sourcing inputs control the green, yellow and red indicator lights. The K50L's power-optimized electronics, combined with Banner’s reliable SureCross wireless network, provide an ideal solution for call lights and machine status indication—even for remote areas without wired power or data connections.

Banner’s multi-function EZ-LIGHT indicators display multiple colors with solid (steady ON), flashing or sequenced flashing cycles. With an illuminated dome, the K50L provides easy-to-see operator guidance and equipment status indication—ensuring effective visual process management. Further, the K50L aids in virtually error-free assembly, while allowing for high levels of productivity in diverse applications.

Featuring rugged, fully encapsulated construction, in addition to easy installation, the K50L is ideal for use in flexible and harsh work environments. Additionally, the K50L’s compact battery module efficiently supplies power to the wireless sensor network configuration, providing up to three years of continuous operation. The K50L offers 18 to 30V dc operation and is available in cabled and quick disconnect models.


  • designed for use with wireless sensor networks
  • consumes minimal power
  • display multiple colors
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