Kanban CardView Boards


Manufacturers are using the new visual Kanban boards from Magnatag to coordinate inventories and lean workflow.  As kanban cards are removed the yellow and red pocket colors give  a visual signal that supplies are low. They are effective for visual load leveling and reducing work in progress. With these CardView boards our people always know which job to work on next … no time is wasted and we are always working the top priority orders. 

The boards are available in 5 formats: Next-Job, Build-Board, Job-Load, To-Do, and On-Hand. Each KanBan board type comes in 6 sizes and includes kanban cards in 17 colors, card printing templates, color pocket tapes and press-on FlashSpot signals to tailor the board to your exact needs. 


  • coordinate inventories and lean workflow
  • available in 5 formats
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