Key-Insert Switch


EAO Corporation announces the Series 04 stainless steel key-insert switch for durable performance in transportation applications, including rail. Unique transit authority key shapes provide increased security to prevent the unwarranted accessing of critical and unauthorized applications.

The Series 04 all-stainless key-insert switch is designed for durability, capable of performing up to .25 million switch cycles without failure. It is protected to IP67 standards and will operate reliably in temperatures from -45◦C to +85◦C making it suitable for exterior applications in diverse climates.

The design of the key-insert switch separates functions according to direction in which it is turned. Twist one way for function A; the other way for function B. This reduces the incidence of accidental operation.

The modular Series 04 provides a selection of square and round indicators, pushbuttons, rotary switches, emergency stops and mushroom-headed pushbuttons offering manufacturers maximum design flexibility together with fast and simple construction for a variety of applications.

EAO’s Series 04 pushbuttons and indicators can be flush-mounted to a panel, providing protection against accidental operation, or raised for viewing the status from the side. Additional lens protection can be achieved with an extended or sealed ring. Lenses are available in a selection of colors, have film inserts for legends or symbols, and may be illuminated with either high-intensity LED's that have a virtually limitless service life or incandescent lamps.

Series 04 snap-action or slow-make pushbuttons come standard with hard silver contacts. For particularly challenging environments, silver/palladium contacts can be specified. For switching to lower currents, a gold plated contact is available. There is a choice of either screw, plug-in, or new Push-In (PIT) terminals which provide additional cost savings associated with faster assembly times via the use of Phoenix Contact spring terminals. A variety of switching elements enables currents from 2mA/110VDC to a maximum of 10A/600VAC. 


  • transit authority key shapes
  • operates in temps from -45 to 85°C
  • can be flush mounted
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