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ETP Express® Shaft Locking Bushings from Zero-Max minimize runout and system vibration. They provide a strong, yet precise connection between keyless shafts and mounted components that can be installed in seconds.
    Designed to lock gears, pulleys and other components to keyless shafts, ETP Express® Bushings have a very low total indicated runout (T.I.R.) of less than .0008” (.02 mm). This feature minimizes component runout on rotating shafts, reducing machine vibration and noise.
    “System designers are insisting on quieter machines in the workplace,” reports Robert Mainz, Zero-Max sales manager. “ETP Express Bushings can really help in this regard. They provide precision mounting of gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components on keyless shafts. They improve balance and reduce runout so systems operate with less vibration and are therefore quieter. Reduced vibration also means less stress on the machine and longer service life.”
     ETP Express bushings are designed with a double-walled hardened steel sleeve and flange filled with an actuating pressure medium. When tightened, a single radial screw actuates a piston to compress the medium, thus expanding the bushing walls and creating a solid connection between shaft and hub.
     ETP Express bushings handle torque ranges from 39 to 12,538 ft. lbs. They are ideal for use in tight areas and where assembly needs to be verified. Designed with just one radial adjusting screw, they are ideal for fast mounting, repositioning and phasing of components to shafts. An Allen wrench is the only tool required to mount and lock these bushings into place. They position in seconds and can be readjusted many times just as quickly and without any axial movement of the bushing or component along the keyless shaft.
    ETP Express bushings are available in inch and metric sizes from 5/8 - 2 inches or 15 – 80 mm. They are RoHS compliant*.

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