Keypad is Adaptable to Custom Layouts


EAO Switch Corporation, Inc. of Milford, CT USA, a premier global supplier of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Systems and Components, announces the new M Series of keypads with easy panel configuration and adaptable layouts that accommodate a wide range of customer designs. . Ideal for fast prototyping, EAO’s M Series’ unique modular construction allows designers to specify any number of keys, as well as the standard 4, 12, and 16 key layout.

Configurations are manufactured to customer specifications, then shipped to customers fully-assembled. Important features of the M Series keypad include:
•    LED illumination in blue, red, yellow, green, or white
•    Multiple button shapes and colors within one keypad
•    Blank spaces for separation between keys in one unit
•    Variable key travel
•    Plastic or aluminum keys
•    Click-dome or membrane technology
•    Easy mounting

Additionally, the M Series offers a contemporary design that is both aesthetically appealing and compliant with industry security requirements. M Series keypads are also very rugged as well as vandal resistant, making them ideal for use in banking kiosks and vending machines. Other uses include security and access control, and heavy-duty vehicles. With features including anti-twist, anti-pull off, and non sticking keys, the M Series keypads join a long line of durable and vandal-proof EAO keypads and keyboards that provide reliable, distinctive interfaces for specific customer applications.


• Front size 12 mm dia. • Front protection IP 67 • Illumination LED
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