KIMTECH PURE* Dispenser and KIMTECH PURE* W3 Wipers Help Eliminate Cleanroom Wiping Hassles


introduced a dispenser for pre-saturated alcohol wipes that provides convenient one-handed dispensing with no need to hold a package or re-seal a closing flap.

“Until now, pre-saturated wiper packages were anything but easy,” said Lori Morell, director of the wiper business for Kimberly-Clark Professional. “It was tough to pull out just one wiper, especially with a gloved hand, and packages were often difficult to reseal, causing pre-saturated wipers to dry out.”

The new KIMTECH PURE* Dispenser makes cleanroom wiping easier than ever before through its patent-pending, proprietary features, including:
· A self-closing, self-sealing lid that helps prevent dry-out of wipers, eliminating waste.
· An innovative extractor arm that automatically lifts each wiper for easy pickup without damaging the wipers.
· A durable design that does not generate particles and makes refilling easy.

The KIMTECH PURE* W3 Pre-Saturated Wipers feature laser-sealed edges and are available in three formulations, including 70% Isopropyl Alcohol/30% Deionized Water, to meet a variety of cleanroom needs. The wipers are 100% continuous filament double-knit polyester, cleanroom laundered, and solvent- and abrasion- resistant. All formulations are compatible for use in ISO Class 3 cleanrooms or higher and are recommended for the most critical wiping tasks. They can be used with or without the KIMTECH PURE* dispenser.

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers convenience, reliability and technical expertise in a single source for cleanroom gloves, masks and wipers. The complete line of Kimberly-Clark Professional* Facial Protection, SAFESKIN* Gloves and Kimtech Pure* Wipers can meet critical task needs in a variety of cleanroom environments for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, high-tech, biotechnology and medical device industries.
As with all Kimberly-Clark Professional products, The Kimtech Pure* Dispenser and Kimtech Pure* Wipers come with the company’s No Questions Asked Guarantee, which reimburses customers up to $1,000 worth of free product if the initial product purchased does not meet expectations.
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