Kinetix 6000 Safety servo drive


Machine builders requiring precision high-power capacity provided by Allen-Bradley Kinetix servo drives can now safely and efficiently power down their motion control systems in a wide range of high-speed applications, including packaging, material handling, and converting. The new TUV-certified Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000 Safety servo drive with GuardMotion from Rockwell Automation incorporates a safe-off functionality that allows users to restart machines faster and reduce downtime in the event of unplanned maintenance. In the event of a machine interruption, conventional motion systems maintain safety by disconnecting power at the drive. As this causes lengthy power recharge and machine restart procedures, the Kinetix 6000 drive includes a safe-off feature that eliminates torque at the motor. This shuts down the machine, but keeps the power supply on, allowing maintenance staff to perform tasks such as cleaning the machine, removing a jam or changing a tool. It also enables them to restart the machine up to 20 percent faster than if they had to recharge the power connection, helping to boost machine availability. “The Kinetix 6000 drive with GuardMotion can help improve worker safety, and also helps increase machine productivity,” said Paul Whitney, product manager for Rockwell Automation. “Startup time is significantly reduced with this technology, impacting the scheduled and unscheduled downtime that customers have, along with limiting the wear and tear on the drives.” TUV Rheinland has certified the safe-off feature as suitable for risk reduction applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, meaning it is well-suited for most functional safety applications. This feature is also certified for category 3 according to EN 954, a European standard developed for the safety of machinery, ideal for low complexity safety-related systems. The feature is an addition to the proven high-performance Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo drives introduced by Rockwell Automation in 2002. The Kinetix 6000 drive is part of Rockwell Automation Kinetix Integrated Motion, featuring seamless integration of Allen-Bradley Logix controllers, servo drives, servo motors and actuators. As the motion control component of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture, Kinetix brings unmatched flexibility to machine design and unprecedented efficiency to the manufacturing floor.
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