KLEENEX Brand Hand Towels in a Pop-Up* Box


To eliminate the unsightly mess caused by stacks of paper hand towels or soggy linen towels on restroom countertops, Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a Kleenex brand premium hand towel in a box with a water-resistant coating for commercial properties without permanent towel dispensers or for those that need to supplement existing hand towel dispenser capacity.

Kleenex brand Hand Towels in a Pop-Up* Box deliver a high-quality Kleenex brand towel in an attractive package with an elegant platinum swirl design that fits the décor of any upscale washroom. The new product is convenient and ideal for hotels, office buildings, medical and dental offices, hospitals, restaurants, casinos, country clubs and other facilities.

The product provides a variety of other benefits including:
· Hygienic dispensing. Each person touches only the towel he or she uses.
· Splash-resistant box. A poly-shield box coating protects unused towels and keeps the box dry too.
· Reduced waste. One-at-a-time dispensing controls usage because restroom visitors take only what they need.
· Enhanced image. The attractive Kleenex brand Hand Towels in a Pop-Up* Box design complements the appearance of the restroom and also coordinates with the packaging for other KLEENEX brand washroom products.
· Easy maintenance. There is no dispenser to maintain and no time-consuming reloading. 
As with all Kimberly-Clark Professional products, Kleenex brand Hand Towels in a Pop-Up* Box come with the Kimberly-Clark “No Questions Asked” guarantee. The guarantee reimburses purchasers up to $1,000 worth of free product if the initial product does not meet expectations.
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