KROHNE Introduces the OPTIWAVE Radar Level Gauge with Purge System


Ensuring optimal reliability and accuracy of measurements, this system cleans the entire antenna by purging the Teflon impedance transformer, the waveguide, and the antenna simultaneously. The purge system is available for the extended antenna versions of the OPTIWAVE in DN 40, DN 50, and DN 80. Equipped with 26 GHz FMCW radar technology, the OPTIWAVE radar level gauge achieves high dynamics and bandwidth, high resolution and accuracy, and offers outstanding process reliability. With the help of the Quick Setup wizard, initial start-up is simple. The standard converter for all radar level gauges is outfitted with a large graphic display, and is operated externally by four piezoelectric buttons. The OPTIWAVE radar level gauge is HART-compatible and supplied with PACT ware and full-function DTM, free-of-charge, including data recording and playback. OPTIWAVE radar level gauge features a high standard accuracy of +/- 3mm.
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