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Weber Marking Systems is introducing its modular ServPro 400 Series label applicator, a unit that employs high-speed servo drive technology to apply pressure-sensitive labels to primary packaging. The ServPro 400 automatically peels labels from its supply roll, and precisely affixes them to products or packages as they pass by on a conveyor line. The standard unit applies labels up to 6.3” wide at speeds up to 130 feet per minute, with ±0.01” placement accuracy; optional units handle labels up to 12.6” wide and speeds to 590 feet per minute.

The key to its versatility is the ServPro’s basic servo drive unit, which remains standard throughout the 400 Series. This dependable motor powers the entire range of modules Weber offers. That means any applicator already installed can be easily re-configured for future applications. Additionally, there is no external controller required.
The ServPro 400 Series can be oriented to apply labels to the side, top or bottom of products, and is available in both right- and left-hand configurations. In addition, because the system has the flexibility to incorporate so many modules – rigid or pivoting peel bars, direct tamp, tamp-blow or air-blow – there is a ServPro 400 that can be integrated with practically any existing production line. Weber also can build the unit into a custom material handling system specifically developed for an individual application.


  • high-speed servo drive technology
  • automatically peels labels from its supply roll
  • units handle labels up to 12.6” wide
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