Lamp Provides Germicidal Protection for Self-contained AC Wall Systems


American Ultraviolet Company has introduced the Eliminator RPT™ AC Wall System to provide full germicidal protection against organisms that could grow on the condensing coils in self-contained air conditioning wall units. It also purifies the outgoing air released through the blower system. The patent pending RPT germicidal UVC lamp mounts directly to the outside of the air conditioning unit so that it does not interfere with any internal parts or motors. It lights after it is securely snapped into the lamp holder, confirming that the system is operational. The Eliminator RPT AC Wall System, which is available for 120/240 volt operation at 50/60 Hertz, includes a sure seal connector that allows the power supply cable to plug directly into the wall outlet. It is economically priced at only $150.00 and ships complete, making it immediately ready for easy installation. The RPT AC Wall System is one of many Eliminator Series germicidal products available from American Ultraviolet Company that enable direct exposure to 254nm UVC radiation, which, when given appropriate exposure time, inactivates the DNA and RNA of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast and protozoa), making them unable to reproduce.
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