Landfill Gas Monitor


These units are Landfill gas monitors with digital display and complete datalogging.  Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the 0-100% Volume are analyzed with Infrared technology along with an Oxygen (O2) Electrochemical sensor for 0-25% Volume.  
The LFG-20 PLUS units are compact, lightweight, and are extremely easy to operate and maintain.  Competitive Landfill gas monitors sell for a lot more money and require a lot of time and cost for yearly calibration and service compared with the LFG-20.
Whether a landfill is active or inactive, legislation mandates control of the gaseous emissions into the atmosphere.  Equally important, monitoring of the underground gaseous migration around the perimeter of the landfill is also required to prevent seepage into nearby dwelling.  The end result is that landfills must be regularly monitored.
I strongly believe that your readers would find our LFG-20 PLUS to be of great interest since it was designed specifically to meet the needs of the landfill marketplace and other applications where these gases are present.  These units are unique because they are the most easy Landfill monitors to operate, have the lowest selling price, and with service costs and time at a minimal.
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