Large Diameter Burpless® PolyFunnel


Offering users ease of operation and a large draining surface, New Pig Corporation introduces its Burpless® Large Poly Funnel for pouring liquids and draining buckets into drums and IBCs. The low-profile, 18" diameter Burpless® Large Poly Funnel threads into the 2" NPT bung opening of a drum or other container, and features an internal vent tube to prevent pressure buildup that often causes drained liquids to 'burp' back. Crafted of polyethylene, the rigid interior of the Funnel creates a level draining surface to promote faster draining, and features a built-in strainer to capture large debris or particles. Ideal for safety directors, environmental and maintenance managers, the Polyethylene Burpless® Large Poly Funnel resists corrosive chemicals, rust and corrosion and is available with three different lid colors -- black, red or yellow. In addition the hinged lid is lockable to prevent unauthorized access and aid waste segregation efforts.


• Style: • with Overfill Preventer • Use With: • 5- to 55-gal. Poly Drums and PailsButtress Thread Bungs • Dimensions: • ext. dia. 5.5" x 7" H • Sold as: • 1 each • Weight: • 6 lbs.
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