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ROTALIGN® ULTRA, the first laser alignment system with a backlit color display plus USB and Bluetooth technology! Alignment results in 3 easy steps: Dimensions - Measure - Results. Soft foot measurement, diagnosis and correction. Machine train alignment for up to 14 machines. Outputs reports in full color.


* Obtain alignment results in 3 Easy Steps: Dimensions - Measure - Results! * Patented automatic Continuous Sweep mode - Start and stop at any position! * Built-in: industry's most accurate automatic TolChek® Tolerance Evalution * 'Soft Foot Wizard’ that not only measures your soft foot condition but analyzes it and suggests a solution! * Unique under- and over-constrained alignment centerline capabilities * Bolt-bound made easy! Any combination of fixed feet is possible, even just one! * Optimum Moves and Optimized Centerlines. Fully optimized centerlines with all feet to be moved the minimum possible. * Horizontal & Vertical ‘Live Move’ at any sensor position * Full-color transflective screen and backlit keyboard are ideal for any working conditions, indoors or out. * Thermal growth and target specification calculation. * Live evaluation of the alignment condition to standard, vector, or user-defined tolerances is standard. * Machine train alignment of up to 14 machines complete with specified tolerances, targets, machine names and machine-specific icons for each machine. * Patented single-cable technology. Only one sensor to adjust. * System can be configured to multiple users’ individual preference configurations. * 5-axis 2-plane sensor simultaneously measures offset, angularity and rotation, vertically and horizontally, and monitors machine moves in both planes under any working conditions * Customized template capabilities * Alignment of Spacer Shafts with Tolerances * Alignment of Cardan Shafts with Tolerances (requires optional cardan bracket) * Standard deviation of measurements to confirm quality of readings. * Pass mode measurement mode for uncoupled alignment * Multi-point measurement mode from 3 to any number of position readings. * Measurement table for repeatability and averaging of readings * Static measure mode - up to 8 measurement positions for improved accuracy: Ideal for vertically-oriented machines. * USB and wireless technology for PC communication and for onsite user upgrading via memory stick. * “On-Screen” user guidance and full interactive help texts and menus. * Free ALIGNMENT REPORTER PC Software for backup and reporting. * Free PC Display Software for training of large group
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