Laser Measurement Sensors


Ramco Innovations today announced the introduction of the Optex FA CD22 series of laser measurement sensors, a completely new line of sensors billed as the world’s smallest high accuracy laser measurement sensors with built in display currently on the market.

With dimensions of only 18mm wide x 31mm deep x 44mm high, the CD22 series’ compact size can be used in many applications that other sensors may not work in. Optex uses its own Tri-Core technology that incorporates digital sub pixel processing, hybrid lens, and automatic shutter control in order to detect various materials from black rubber to polished metals with high accuracy and resolution.

Possible uses include detecting small parts in a nest, loop / tension control, thickness measurement, part height measurement / control, double feed / or stack height measurement, and background suppression apps that require analog output. 


  • built in display
  • Tri-Core technology
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