Laser System Brochure


Prima Power Laserdyne has announced publication of a new, four-page brochure describing the new LASERDYNE 430 system. The 430 is a flexible laser machining platform designed for a wide range of high precision applications. All new and in full color, this brochure shows detailed pictures of the 430 system and its many exclusive features along with operating specifications. The LASERDYNE 430 is a 3-axis system capable of expansion to 5-axis that is designed for precision cutting, welding and drilling 2 and 3 dimensional components. 

The LASERDYNE 430 operates at speeds up to 800 inch/min in the X, Y, Z axis (0-20 m/min) with bidirectional accuracy of 0.0005 inch (12.7 micrometer). This accuracy is throughout the system’s 585 x 408 x 508 mm work envelope, making it ideal for the demanding process validation requirements and reliability concerns of the medical device and precision instrumentation industries. The LASERDYNE 430 can also handle the toughest factory environments of the automotive and industrial component domains. The LASERDYNE 430 system has LASERDYNE’S latest and most powerful system controller, the S94P. With many technically advanced features, the LASERDYNE 430 provides both programmable flexibility and process capability. It includes the full complement of LASERDYNE hardware / software features: automatic focus control™, surface mapping, integral CCTV setup and process monitor, and SPC data acquisition plus many more. The new brochure contains application photos for the LASERDYNE 430 and explains how the system is ideal for the toughest applications.    

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