Launches New Extriq Products For Extended Environments


Elmo Motion Control, Inc. announced the introduction of its new ExtrIQ product line designed for applications operating in extreme environmental conditions such as unmanned vehicles, military and oil refining. The new product family consists of highly durable, intelligent digital servo drives and analog servo amplifiers which offer optimal performance under extended temperature ranges (-40°C to +70°C) as well as high humidity, unlimited altitude, intense vibration levels of over 15G and extensive mechanical shock.

he ExtrIQ family offers high power density ranging between 10W to 9KW, in operating voltage range 10V–200V and has a current carrying capacity of up to 200 Amps continuous and 400 Amps peak. The compactness of the products delivers a cost effective solution significantly saving space, cabling and labor.

As a standards-based motion control solution, ExtrIQ conforms to the following industry standards:
· MIL-STD-810- Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests
· MIL-STD-1275- Characteristics of 28 Volt DC Electrical Systems in Military Vehicles
· MIL-STD-704- Aircraft, Electric Power Characteristics
· MIL-STD-461- Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment
· MIL-HDBK-217- Reliability Prediction of Electronic Equipment
· ISO-9001:2000 – A Family of Standards for Quality Management Systems

The ExtrIQ servo drives are based on Elmo's proprietary SimplIQ technology which provides a wide range of feedback options, programming capabilities, communications protocols, and superior motion control technology with a fully digital motion controller which features current, velocity and position loops.
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