Launches New Line of Wireless Wall Clock Solutions


Lathem Time Corp., one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of time management products for business, has launched its RC Series™ Wireless GPS Clock System. Lathem’s wireless wall clock system allows schools, hospitals, manufacturing and government facilities to wirelessly synchronize time to the exact second. Benefits include teaching students to be punctual and minimize disruptions due to tardiness, allowing physicians to rely on accurate time to determine when to check patients and administer medicine, and helping manufacturers improve productivity and reduce unnecessary confusion due to timerelated delays.

“When time matters, this system offers the most innovative and reliable solution for wireless GPS time synchronization,” said Jim Owen, product manager for Lathem’s Wall Clock and Institutional Systems.

Utilizing a powerful microprocessor capable of synchronizing thousands of wireless analog or digital clocks in addition to signal control systems, the RC Master™ clock is the foundation of the RC Series Wireless GPS Clock System. The RC Master regularly updates its internal clock from the U.S. government’s global positioning satellite (GPS) broadcast signal. In turn, this master control clock employs a single transmitter design to encode and transmit a powerful, commercially approved, FCC licensed UHF radio paging signal that accurately synchronizes the wireless clocks to the exact second.

The RC Series Wireless Wall Clocks incorporate the most advanced movement available on the market, automatically adjusting for Daylight Saving Time and power outages that can reduce operational and maintenance costs. The clocks are available in a wide variety of easy-toinstall models with heavy-duty steel construction or impact-resistant ABS plastic, providing long-term quality and durability.

Illinois Time Recorder, Lathem’s premier dealer in the greater Chicago area, has already begun to offer the RC Series Wireless Wall Clock System to its customers. Patrick Neville, president of Illinois Time Recorder, said, “The RC Series Wireless GPS Clock System is representative of the quality solutions we’ve come to expect from Lathem. Other wireless clock systems use low band or short-range signals, which typically require multiple transmitters to achieve adequate coverage, often resulting in additional system components to eliminate ‘dead spots’. We are excited to offer Lathem’s new wireless wall clock system because its single transmitter system design provides a highly reliable and scalable solution for campus-wide coverage.”

About Lathem Time Corporation
Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Lathem Time is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of time management products for business. The company specializes in mechanical and automated employee time and attendance tracking systems, data collection terminals, synchronized clocks and signaling systems. Founded in 1919 by George Lathem and his son Louie Lathem, Sr., Lathem Time remains a family-owned and operated company with 150 employees. Over 300,000 companies worldwide use a Lathem timekeeping product for managing their business.
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