Lead and Ball Screws Catalog


Thomson has available a new Thomson BSA Lead and Ball Screws Catalog.  This updated 90+ page resource guide provides helpful technology overviews and selection guides, along with detailed information and technical specifications on the company’s family of supernuts and lead screws, ball screws, complete screw assemblies, rails and bearings, and accessories, including a number of new products and available sizes.  The catalog also provides technical engineering guidelines and formulas for ball and lead screws, as well as an application overview section to help guide users toward an optimal solution for their application. 

“Thomson BSA precision lead and ball screws are excellent economical solutions that satisfy a wide array of linear motion requirements.  And where our extensive array of standard products doesn’t meet the specific demands of a given application, Thomson BSA also provides engineering design services with rapid prototyping capabilities to help OEMs satisfy their unique design requirements,” says Ben Gambrel, Product Line Manager, Thomson Precision Screws.

This updated catalog includes 170 new product sizes comprised of 25 new screw diameter and lead combinations in inch and metric sizes ranging from 0.1875 in. (4.76 mm) to 1.25 in. (31.75 mm).  Corresponding nuts are available in standard (thread mount and flange mount) and anti-backlash (thread mount and flange mount) configurations, in XC, AFT and SNAB styles.  Users will also find information on new metric sized thread mount supernuts for 10 mm to 24 mm metric screw sizes, and new metric sized tread mount XC anti-backlash nuts for 10 mm to 20 mm metric screw sizes.  Supernuts and XC anti-backlash nuts with metric mounting threads are easier to integrate in Europe and Asia where tap tooling for inch mounting threads are difficult to find.  Anti-backlash nuts remove the free play between nut and screw to improve the position repeatability of the assembly.  New 0.5 in. anti-backlash AFT nuts are also featured.
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