Gleason Corporation, the worldwide leader in gear technology, is proud to announce an expansion in the LeCount® expanding mandrel line with the new Type “G” Expanding Mandrel. Gleason’s new LeCount Type G Expanding Mandrel is based on our highly successful line of inspection mandrels. The new Type G Twist Mandrel is bringing LeCount performance to a wider range of applications, particularly O.D. and face grinding operations where parts have a smooth bore and non-gear grinding process applications such as cylindrical grinding. The new LeCount Type G Twist Mandel features a unique sliding–jaw design with a mechanical rotary mechanism for clamping the workpiece. It provides 0.0050mm (0.0002 in) TIR accuracy, tremendous holding power torsionally and axially, and wide expansion range to accommodate bore


• sizes - 25.40mm (1in) to 76.20mm (3in).
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