Providing lighting design engineers with the necessary resources to develop products for solid-state lighting applications, TT electronics OPTEK Technology and IRC Advanced Film Division have developed an LED design kit. Combining IRC’s Anotherm® technology, a thermally conductive aluminum alloy substrate, and OPTEK’s comprehensive experience designing and developing infrared and high brightness visible LEDs, the design kit consists of lighting modules, assemblies, components and accessories. “Working closely with OPTEK, we have been able to address our customers’ challenges with heat dissipation in direct-mounted LEDs and LED arrays,” said Steve Wade, vice president of sales and marketing for IRC Advanced Film Division. “Our Anotherm technology enables design engineers to mount visible LEDs and other components directly to the aluminum substrate, reducing or even eliminating the need for attached heatsinks, mounting hardware and the associated assembly costs.” “For a number of years we have been developing visible and infrared LED solutions in a variety of package configurations,” said Alan Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing for OPTEK Technology. “Our LED application engineers have extensive experience in helping customers optimize their solid-state lighting designs, especially in thermal management and packaging.”
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