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Fan manufacturer Big Ass Fans has unveiled an LED fixture that company leadership says addresses why industrial and commercial spaces have been slow to adopt the lighting technology. Traditional industrial and commercial LED fixtures are made of thin, stamped sheet metal. Big Ass Light instead manufactures its product from a solid piece of anodized, extruded aluminum that includes ribbed fins at the top to further increase surface area. The design allows the entire structure to act as a heat sink, moving heat away from the fixture and, most importantly, the LEDs.

It’s common for facilities to change floor plans as their needs change. Lighting, though, is often overlooked in revised layouts because of the time it takes to reset grids. Big Ass Light engineers designed the company’s High Bay LED fixture to have narrow, regular and wide trays, so customers can redirect light as their floor layouts change. With the Big Ass High Bay LED, you simply change out a tray to switch your light distribution from 55 degrees to 85 degrees or 105 degrees. Called a lumen maintenance tray, the patent-pending feature serves a dual purpose by also offering hassle-free cleaning. 

In the past, LEDs would output less light as they became obscured by the dirt and debris that quickly accumulates in facilities. The lumen maintenance trays on the Big Ass Light fixture protect the LEDs, and can easily be wiped down or replaced to allow the light to again shine fully. The lens trays also protect the LEDs from common mishaps and hazards, such as forktrucks, reducing both the likelihood of damage and the need for replacement.  Beyond the physical issues, facility managers have been wary of LEDs because of how quickly the technology has evolved. A common fear is that a purchase today will leave companies with outdated fixtures once the next leap forward occurs. The Big Ass High Bay LED has an easy-access panel that allows users to swap out drivers and other components so the fixture never becomes outdated.  The Big Ass High Bay LED is predicted to maintain 70 percent of its initial light output for up to 150,000 hours, surpassing the 100,000 hour ratings of competitive fixtures. The LEDs also boast efficiency of 110 lumens per watt, exceeding the 90 lumens per watt available on rival products.


  • includes ribbed fins
  • narrow, regular and wide trays
  • easy-access panel
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