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Phoenix Products Company, Inc. proudly presents its latest lighting innovation: The EcoMod™ Series. The EcoMod LED floodlight offers 150W and 300W models with light outputs of 12,500 and 25,000 lumens, respectively. Available optical packages range from wide flood to narrow spot optics to accommodate any application. The EcoMod Series utilizes exclusive EcoVent™ Technology that extends the life of the fixture by allowing heat, water, and debris to flow between the modules. Furthermore, the fixture offers the many benefits of LED technology, including significant maintenance reduction, energy savings, and instant-on lighting to reduce downtime. 

The EcoMod Series uses up to 70% less energy when compared to equivalent HID floodlights.The talented engineering team at Phoenix Products has designed a fixture combining the latest technologies and high quality components into a simple, innovative design. This allows Phoenix to maintain their high standards while offering exceptional pricing. Yazi Fletcher, Chief Technical Officer for Phoenix Products, expresses his excitement to be introducing this fixture. "The EcoMod incorporates the latest technology while balancing the challenges of the rigorous industries we serve. We have taken two years of feedback from our customers and designed a sleek yet durable, modular LED floodlight that will excel in many diverse applications."As always, Phoenix utilizes the highest quality parts for the EcoMod Series including marine-grade extruded aluminum housing and modules, impact and UV resistant lenses, and fully potted drivers. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A., the EcoMod Series boasts a five year limited warranty. 

The EcoMod Series is ETL listed to UL 1598 and 1598A. The fixture is also CE certified and IP66 rated. The EcoMod features a passivated stainless steel harp for added protection against corrosion and has 360° rotation and 10° incremental indexed aiming. There are both 120-277V and 200-480V driver options available and stranded wires for added protection against shock and vibration. The fixture also comes standard with 20 kV of surge protection.


  • 150W and 300W models
  • 12,500 and 25,000 lumens
  • uses up to 70% less energy
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