LED Floodlights for Hazardous Location Use


Cooper Crouse-Hinds  continues to expand its industry-leading LED product offering with the new Champ® FMV LED Floodlights. This latest innovation from Cooper Crouse-Hinds combines energy efficiency and long life with exceptional lumen output, and it is the ideal floodlight solution for hazardous, industrial and demanding environments. The Champ FMV LED is available in four models, providing an equivalent 100W-400W similar to Metal Halide floodlights at half the energy consumption.  Additionally, with 60,000 hours rated lamp life, the Champ® FMV LED Floodlights are built to outlast traditional metal halide lights by up to six years.

“Safe, reliable lighting is crucial in the industrial marketplace,” said Grant Gawronski, President, Cooper Crouse-Hinds. “That’s why we’ve developed a rugged, versatile LED fixture that not only stands up to the toughest locations, but is able to provide the lighting our industrial customers demand. Our new line of Champ® FMV LED Floodlights improves workplace safety, reduces maintenance and overall energy consumption and cuts the overall cost of ownership.”

In creating new LED Floodlights, Cooper Crouse-Hinds chose a versatile design suitable for hazardous location use in both gas or dust areas. The Champ FMV LED can be used for outdoor or indoor applications at a wide range of mounting heights depending on model and light level requirement. High efficiency drivers and LED arrays give industry-leading light output from an LED flood, and the optics were specifically designed to give the familiar and industry-accepted butterfly beam light pattern.

For customers looking to upgrade from existing Cooper Crouse-Hinds HID floodlights, the new Champ® FMV LED Floodlights utilize existing SFA6 and SWB6 mounting adapters.  This provides cost-effective and timely installations as the new floodlights require no new conduit runs.  For customers looking to maintain color consistency, Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers a warm white version of the LED Floodlights that is very close in color to the 3000K of High Pressure Sodium lamps.


  • combines energy efficiency and long life
  • exceptional lumen output
  • ideal floodlight solution for hazardous, industrial and demanding environments
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