LED Lift-Light


The LED Lift-Light provides low maintenance, portable, highly efficient illumination for automotive service areas, and other service maintenance applications. The LED Lift-Light engine is designed to operate at two light levels. 10000 lumens for intense applications and 4500 lumens for general work area illumination. Just press the built in Hi- Low rocker switch to change the intensity. The LED engine is Magniflood's AC 120 v proprietary design. No LED driver is needed. The UL listed LED lift light system in its cast alumnum housing will withstand automotive, truck repair and industrial facilities environments.

The 25 foot extension wire supplies power to the lift light and acts as extension cord to plug in other tools that may require power. All lift light luminaries are pre-wired and factory tested.The Lift-Light is constructed from castings and heavy aluminum extrusions. The pipe extrusions can telescope to give you different fixture mounting heights. The five caster wheel legs make the lift light very stable and easy to roll into place. The utility work tray with a magnetic hot spot for small parts. Rubber bumpers protect the tray corners. The flat tempered lens is sealed into the luminaire door. A lexan safety shield is used for added fixture protection.

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