LED Light Fixture


The GAU-LB-400 Low Bay LED light from Larson Electronics is a compact LED light fixture that provides a powerful flood of bright white light capable of matching the performance of metal halide wall packs. Unlike incandescent and HID lighting systems where fragile glass, bulky housings, and inefficient reflectors are needed to focus and concentrate their output, outdoor approved LED light incorporates the intensity and directional control of LED lighting technology to produce a beam of comparable power using a fraction as much energy. This LED low bay features a rugged aluminum housing that is compact in size and 12 high output LEDs protected by an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. The housing is powder coated for added durability and an attractive appearance, and is fully water and weatherproofed to stand up to demanding outdoor weather conditions. 

This light runs from standard 120-277 VAC current for easy hookup to existing power connections, and pulls only 40 watts of power while producing 1,462 lumens of intense white light.  Wiring is through a simple pig tail lead that runs to the housing through a waterproof connector for secure connections. The mounting assembly consists of a stainless steel powder coated bracket and stainless steel screws to provide secure mounting and resistance to rust and  corrosion. This mounting assembly is vertically adjustable and allows the user to adjust the fixture through 380/180 degrees of movement for the best coverage. This LED floodlight offers a host of advanced improvements over similar halogen and HID wall packs including no warm up period, no glass or filament to shatter or break, and a 50,000 hour operational life. The GAU-LB-400 is ideal for those who want a reliable and powerful yet unobtrusive wall pack light that can illuminate a large area, yet do it more reliably and while using less energy.


  • aluminum housing
  • 120-277 VAC current
  • 1,462 lumens of intense white light
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