LED panel-mount indicators


Dialight Corporation has introduced its 559 Series of snap-in LED panel mount indicators, featuring high-brightness, daylight-viewable versions. Also offered are 5- and 12-volt indicators with integral resisters; low-current, high-efficiency indicators; and two- and three-leaded bicolor indicators. The RoHS-compliant, shock- and vibration-resistant indicators typically provide 100,000 hours of service, use 90% less energy than incandescent units, and generate no heat. Front-panel, snap-in mounting requires no additional hardware. Available with AlInGaP and InGaN LEDs, the indicators are designed for a variety of applications, including main/remote power, maintenance/warnings and status indication, as well as instrumentation. The 559 Series indicators are supplied with straight terminals for wire wrapping or lead wires for soldering. Mounting hole size is 0.249"- 0.252" (6.32mm-6.40mm) in panel thicknesses of 0.031"-0.062" (0.787 mm-1.57 mm). The indicators are housed in a black material that enhances LED contrast and meets the UL94V-0 flammability rating. Available in red, green, yellow, orange, blue and white, the daylight-viewable indicators require current-limiting resistors and operate in the 2.1 to 3.5 VDC range. They are supplied with either straight terminals or 6" or 14" lead wires. Typical intensity ranges from 600 mcd for white to 3,100 mcd for yellow at maximum forward currents of 30 mA to 50 mA. The 5-volt and 12-volt indicators with integral resistors come in red, green and yellow with the same termination options. Typical intensity is 8 mcd both at 10 mA of current for 5-volt operation and at 13 mA of current for 12-volt operation. The bicolor indicators are available in red/green and yellow/green combinations, and include a three-leaded version for additional color variations. Rated for 1.6 VDC to 2.3 VDC operation with current-limiting resistors, they provide typical intensities ranging from 5/8 mcd for the three-leaded, red/green version at 10 mA of current to 90/40 mcd for two-leaded red/green versions at 20 mA of current. The low-current, high-efficiency indicators are available in red, green, yellow and orange with low-current/diffused, high-efficiency/diffused and high-efficiency/non-tinted/non-diffused LEDs. Voltage requirements with current-limiting resistors are 1.8 VDC to 2.3 VDC. Typical intensities range from 1.8 mcd for low-current/diffused yellow/green to 140 mcd for high-efficiency/non-tinted/non-diffused yellow.
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