LED Retrofit Lamps


Lamp Technology, Inc. introduces its  “CL” line of L.E.D. retrofit lamps for the replacement of high energy High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lamps. Utilizing 100’s of SMD LEDs in either 2700K or 5500K color temperatures, 15-100 watt LED lamps replace 100w to 600w High Intensity Discharge Lamps in many lighting applications including warehouse, parking lots/garages and other general lighting installations. Offering low heat, low power and instant on/off characteristics, these LEDs offer many advantages over H.I.D. lamps and are easily installed with minor wiring change.  Lamps run at 110-277VAC and rated at 80 lumen per watt and CRI greater than 70. Rated at 30,000 plus hours, these L.E.D. lamps are warranted for 5-years.


  • 15-100 watt
  • low heat, low power
  • instant on/off characteristics

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