LEVER-NUTS™ Two-Conductor Connector Offers Efficient, Set-and-Forget Wire Termination


Connect with the 222-412, the newest member of WAGO Corporation’s LEVER-NUTS™ 222 Series of compact connectors. The 222-412 is a two-conductor splice that joins the 3- and 5-conductor models in the LEVER-NUTS™ family. To date, the versatile LEVER-NUTS™ line-up has terminated connections inside RVs, office buildings, power tools, electric motors and high-end vacuum cleaners. “The two-conductor is ideally suited to increasingly compact and complex applications where space is at a premium and just a two-wire termination point is needed,” said Marketing Manager, Dean Norton. The 222-412 is UL/CNL listed up to 600V/20A and can accommodate both solid and stranded conductors ranging in size from AWG #12-28 in the same unit. CAGE CLAMP® termination technology provides fast, easy and maintenance-free connections and a maximum temperature rating of 105°C ensures that the 222-412 will reliably meet the requirements for a wide range of applications. As with other LEVER-NUTS™ models, the 222-412 protects users against electrical shocks and employs an integral test point for testing/trouble-shooting a circuit. Splicing with the 222-412 is a simple, tool-free process: lift the orange lever, insert the stripped conductor (check strip length with a built-in length guide) and lower the lever. “The ergonomics of the lever-actuated wire termination are superior to those of traditional twist-type connections and will prevent wrist strain while saving time,” Norton explained. “For instance, consider the effort LEVER-NUTS™ can save on large-scale applications, such as typical mid-level RVs that can easily exceed 125 splices needed per unit.”
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