Lifting Scale for Sanitary Applications


New METTLER TOLEDO PUA679 floor scale allows for quick and easy washdown in sanitary applications. Lifting the front handles tilts the entire scale up to provide complete access for cleaning the floor and underside of the scale. A pair of built-in gas springs enable one person to lift the scale manually with minimal effort. Designed for easy cleaning, the scale is manufactured with smooth stainless steel surfaces and continuous welds that eliminate the corners and gaps where contaminants can collect. There is no pit to clean out and no need to recalibrate the scale after cleaning. Lift and Lock for Easy Cleaning The PUA679 is equipped with a pair of gas springs that enable a single person to lift the scale easily. No cranes or other lifting devices are needed. The convenient lift-deck design allows the scale to be installed next to a wall. Engaging a pair of safety locks prevents the scale from moving when it is in either the up or down position. The scale platform is securely attached to the frame so that it remains in place when raising and lowering the scale. Each load cell has a rocker-pin suspension that automatically aligns load forces for accurate and repeatable weighing. This type of suspension provides better performance and is more durable than threaded feet. Ramps are also available to provide easy access from the front and back of the low-profile scale. They eliminate the need to lift heavy loads, allowing them to be wheeled onto the scale platform safely and easily. To meet sanitary requirements for use in the food or pharma industry, the PUA679 is offered in a variety of stainless steel finishes: type 304 glass-bead blasted, electropolished, and mechanical polishes. The PUA679 floor scale is designed according to the standards of the American Meat Institute (AMI) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


* Scale material Stainless steel * Degree of protection IP69K * Suitable indicators IND560, IND780, PANTHER * Accessories Ramps, instrument columns
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