Light-Duty Work Gloves


Ansell announces the introduction of two new, ultra-durable and light-duty work gloves to the HyFlex family. The uniquely engineered HyFlex 11-818 and HyFlex 11-840 gloves incorporate FORTIX Abrasion Resistance Technology, an Ansell a patent pending technology that applies a thin, resilient and breathable nitrile foam coating to knitted gloves to dramatically extend their working life and improve their comfort in abrasive applications. Industrial workers have a common refrain when asked what they want: lighter weight gloves that are comfortable and offer superior dexterity. 

The need for tactility and comfort can prompt workers to remove their gloves or to cut off glove finger tips. These actions not only increase the risk for injuries; they may also jeopardize the quality of the product or process, undermine safety and performance and drive up costs. Protecting against these risks is crucial. As a result, Ansell engineered the HyFlex 11-818 and 11-840 to deliver comfort, safety and durability while providing cutting-edge protection and peace of mind to workers everywhere. 

"There is a natural trend toward lighter and thinner gloves - allowing workers to better feel what they are handling or doing, and increasing comfort and productivity," said Bob Gaither, Ansell senior vice president and regional director, North America. "The tough, resilient FORTX nitrile coating and 18 gauge knitting technology is the last frontier in tactility and productivity - close to a second skin effect - establishing a new benchmark and redefining hand comfort." In addition to FORTIX Abrasion resistance technology, the HyFlex 11-818 and 11-840 provide a distinctive new ultralight, high-durability glove to the safety marketplace, setting new industry standards through the following innovations:

  • A seamless 15 gauge nylon-spandex liner (11-840) and 18 gauge nylon liner (11-818) combined with ultra-thin palm coating provides protection equal to heavier gloves, yet the comfort of a barehand-like feel.
  • ZONZ®, an innovative knitting technology that uses varying stitch designs around stress areas to tailor glove fit and enhance hand movement for higher dexterity and reduced fatigue.


  • FORTIX Abrasion Resistance Technology
  • ultra-thin palm coating
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